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The ultimate bespoke luxury experience in jewels & objects 


Loga di Lusso is an independent jewel and object designer inspired by art, history, colors, nature, and aesthetics in any shape or form. Being a passionate traveler herself, she has immersed in different cultures gathering multidimensional experience and deep knowledge of and respect for authenticity and uniqueness.

Having kicked off her career in the field of law, business strategy, and economics in the context of the challenging business world, she realized that the spiritual renewal and the afterglow effect she has been seeking can be acquired through the design of striking, lavish jewels and objects.

Inspired by her Greek couturier mother, who exposed her from a very young age to the concept of handcraft design and attention to detail, she made her first attempt to design ornaments only ten years ago, merely as a form of self-expression. Soon after her first creation, she began to create exclusive designs for jewellery aficionados. After years of work developing her signature design philosophy, the “Loga di Lusso” brand was launched in 2015.

From the outset, the cornerstone of her philosophy is her appreciation of sumptuous colored gemstones which always intrigued her; their colors, hues, and mesmerizing beauty offer her the opportunity to combine them with all sorts of materials and metals, precious and semi-precious, so as to come up with unrivaled stories of beauty. 

An enthusiast of luxurious elegance and exclusivity, she is besotted with eccentric and controversial combinations of materials and techniques aiming at reintroducing a sense of timeless style, spectacular elegance, monumental beauty, opulence, and avant-garde authenticity. An inspirer and designer of exceptional, iconic artisanal jewellery and objects imbued with haute couture aura, she focused on a design identity showcased by her ornamental signature logo which couples the bravura with passion, the audacity of femininity with its sophistication. First and foremost, Loga di Lusso is well acknowledged for her bespoke creations designed not only to meet the exclusive needs of each client but also to highlight their own personality and specific characteristics based on a profound understanding of their emotional depth.  

Each Loga di Lusso creation is embellished with her signature logo, which constitutes a structural element of its design whether engraved or used as an ornamental pattern and/or motif. 

Loga di Lusso is fully engaged in every stage of the process from inspiration to designing, to hand carving, to stone cutting and setting, from model making and polishing to putting the finishing touch. She works with highly experienced and skilled artificers and craftsmen constantly aspiring to perfection and supreme quality.  


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